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Questions Posed: Walkerson


If you’re Annie, what makes Auggie special?

Day one, we knew he was special. So lets start there. Day One: Annie has no one and Auggie presents himself as honest and proves himself as safe. Yes, he is her handler and he runs her mission, but when things get messy, he is the one who helps her talk through and sort through her emotions. He takes on almost a mentorship role.

Basically he teaches her how to do this job well and protects her when life goes wrong. There is trust, camaraderie and, yes, Annie sees how Auggie goes through woman after woman. BUT she also sees how he cares for her on more than just a sexual level. I think it’s the friendship they forged and the honesty they shared that made Auggie special. She trusted him completely.

When they finally became a couple that trust only got deeper which meant the potential for injury only became greater. Trust is a funny thing. It protects because it exposes. But, when trust is violated it loses its protective qualities and simply exposes whatever wound has been ripped open. The deeper the trust, the deeper the wound, the more painful and deadly the loss of the covering. The loss of protection.

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You’ll find this is a weird place to work. Polygraphs every year, no cell phones allowed inside the building, no dating foreigners. In fact, the CIA highly encourages dating inside the agency. It keeps things in the circle of trust. It’s like a Club Med without the free drinks.